IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee


Ensure a working liaison with standards and Internet governance bodies such as ISOC, IETF, ICANN, RIPE NCC, 3GPP, ETSI, IPv6 Forum, Eurescom, ETNO, UMTS Forum and GSM Europe.

Provide a regularly updated review and plan action (“the European IPv6 Roadmap”) on the development and future perspectives of IPv6 in order to coordinate European efforts on IPv6.

Establish collaboration arrangements and working relationships with similar initiatives being launched in other world regions.

One of the main goals is to discover and fill gaps, provide strategic guidance with the assistance of a number of industry and academic players, to quickly propose measures to the appropriate bodies, to involve the European Commission and to verify sustained activities and implementation of proposed measures.

As a consequence, the nature of this project (IPv6 TF-SC) is to be the strategic instrument and create ground for discussion and monitor how the recommendations are transformed. Besides, it will collaborate with other regional groups and initiatives deploying IPv6.

To assure the success of IPv6 deployment, IPv6 TF-SC project, in its role as the facilitator of the Task Force, which is invited to create strategic Roadmaps, will continuously monitor the academic, market and industrial activities, and provide guidance where appropriate to avoid duplication of work.

To this extend, the project will facilitate, support and coordinate the continuation of the work of the IPv6 Task Force, with the renewed mandate of a 2nd phase, with the means of a Steering Committee, consisting of IPv6 experienced Experts. This will facilitate the successful introduction of IPv6 in Europe and consequently, the rest of the world.