IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee

The European Commission initiated an IPv6 Task Force driven by major and key European and worldwide players, to develop a comprehensive action plan by the end of 2001 aiming to ensure the timely availability of IPv6.

The conclusions and recommendations of the Task Force were successfully submitted to the European Council Barcelona Spring meeting of 2002, under the Spanish Presidency, and in the context of this document, a series of recommendations pertaining to the implementation of IPv6 by all relevant ICT sectors were proposed by the Commission.

As a result, the Heads of State resolution was to prioritize the widespread availability and use of broadband networks throughout the Union by 2005 and the deployment of the New Internet Protocol IPv6.

One of the main achievements was a Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament called “Next Generation Internet-priorities for action in migrating to the new Internet protocol IPv6”

As a complementary action, the European Commission calls for the renewal of the mandate of the “IPv6 Task Force” as a platform for debate on critical issues concerning the deployment of IPv6.

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